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Beach Goods
The Smuggler’s Chest has been bringing an extra helping of sunshine to days on the beach for more than 50 years, so if we haven’t got it, you probably don’t need it. This family-run seaside treasure chest has everything to make your day out a delight, whatever the weather.
We sell it all, from windbreaks to kites, from spades to sun block and from buckets to boats. There are armbands for beginners and boards for the more adventurous, along with crab lines and nets for catching the wildlife and beach shoes for protecting your toes while you look for it. 
Hats, caps, sun glasses, shorts and sandals, kites of all shapes and sizes and plenty of balls, bats, flying discs and even water pistols line the fun-filled shelves of The Smuggler’s Chest.

On the Water

Boats, boards,
bands and rings


Kites for fun and for the seasoned flyer

Water Guns

Are you serious about getting wet?!

We have all the tools
you need!!!

Buckets & Spades

Big or small cheap enough for you to throw away at the end of your stay

Wind/Sun breaks

Protect your family from the wind or the sun.

Beach Shoes

Aqua Shoes
Surf Shoes
Flip Flops
... we know the way
 you roll!

Most children's &
Adult sizes 

Sun Block

You can never be too careful. Top up on your sunblock, don't ruin your holiday by looking like a lobster


The beach has water pools in abundance and is great for exploring and learning

Sun Glasses

Forgot your sunnies?
We've got your back
(well, your eyes anyway)

Hats & Caps

Fun hats for the kids & nice hats for the adults

Beach Games

Football, cricket, baseball, tennis, hoolahoop and many more

Your Best friend...

Balls, Water bottles, waste bags and much more

Sandcastle Competition

E-mail us pictures of your sandcastles which we will put up on our gallery along with your contact details and we will pick out the best one at the end of Summer.

The winner will get a free 5' inflatable boat, a kite and a bucket and spade