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Weighed Sweets

You may remember walking into your local corner shop for a quarter of bon bons, sherbet lemons or sweet peanuts, but your children probably don’t – so here’s the chance to give them a real treat.

At The Smuggler’s Chest we sell sweets the old fashioned way (you have to ask for 100 grams these days, but don’t worry, they taste just as good).

We have an impressive range and we’ve probably got your favourite, here's whats currently available:

Pair drops 
Strawberry and cream
Rosie Apples
Rhubarb and custard
Cola cubes
Pineapple cubes
Tom Thumb drops
Sherbert dip's
Army and navy
Buttered Brazil's
Cherry gums gum
Large pair drops
Sherbert lemons
Wine gums
Clear mints
Sugar free striped mint
Fruit drops
Chocolates eclair
Fizzy cherry cola bottles
Fizzy blue bottles
Pint pots
Gummy bears
Candy abc letters
Foam banana
Foam strawberries

Bulls eyes
Fruit drops
Barley sugar
Clove drops
Aniseed twist
Winter mixture
Cough candy
Spearmint chews
Mint imperials
Assorted toffees
Jelly buttons
Honey liquorice
Coconut mushrooms
Sweet coconut
Tobacco chocolate
Honeycombs bites
Chewing nuts
Dolly mixture
Foam shrimps
White candy sticks 
Rhubarb and custard sticks
Fizzy dummies
Twin cherries
Chocolate fruits
Fizzy cola bottles

Chocolate Brazil's
Milk chocolate peanuts
Milk chocolate raisins
Chocolate ginger
Traditional Toffee crumble
Traditional toffee crumble
Blue raspberry Bon Bon
Toffee Bon Bon
Lemon Bon Bon
Apple Bon Bon
Strawberry Bon Bon
Rhubarb and custard Bon Bon
Crystallised ginger
Liquorice comfits
Liquorice cuttings
Liquorice torpedoes
Caramel liquorice
Pinterest cakes
Strawberry milkshakes
Jelly beans
Giant strawberries
Strawberry creams
Rock vanilla fudge
Mini jelly babies

Mishaps mix
Liquorice toffees
Blackcurrant and liquorice
Clear mints
West Indian limes
Barley sugar
Herbal tablet
Chocolate limes
Sherbet lemons 
Everton mints
Mint humbugs
Aniseed balls
After dinner mints
Sweet peanuts
Floral gums
Fruit salad gums
Midget gems
Fruit jellies
Jelly babies
Wine gums
American hard gums
White chocolate jazzie
Chocolate jazzie
White candy mice
Old fashioned milk bottles